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Argyle Graze About

Argyle Graze was created from my passion for cooking. The kitchen was the heart of my home as a child. I was always keen to create large grazing platters and finger foods for my big family and friends which I wanted to one day share with everyone and now this is reality.

 We offer a selection of platters, grazing boxes, and grazing tables for any occasion or night in to delight you and your guests.

 We celebrate our Lebanese background by creating authentic Lebanese food, delicious homemade desserts and there is nothing better than our wine and cheese boxes.

 Grazing boxes are a simple and stunning catering option for any event or gathering. Each grazing box is unique, not only delivering on wow factor, but taste unforgettable too.

 My goal is for all my customers to enjoy the happiness that food has brought to myself, and family. This small business wants to really work hard to create the best custom boxes/platters to cater for any occasions.

 We hope you enjoy



Argyle Graze